About Us cont.

About Juicy Projects

Juicy Projects is an Australian production company bringing a fresh approach to content creation and production based on honesty, clarity and trust – and truly memorable content. It’s not just what we make for you, but how we work with you, that’s important.

Juicy Ideas

We’re full of ideas. Bursting with them. Then we put our creative heart together with our business head to offer you the best, brightest, most effective content solutions for your project.

And our creativity isn’t confined to our content. When it comes to the crunch at shoot time, our positive open attitude calmly deals with any surprises - and we just love finding that magic to coax a smile from the shyest talent. We also have more than a decade’s experience finding creative solutions to our clients’ broader communication challenges, be they logistical issues, political agendas or managing highly sensitive content.

Juicy Flavour


It’s so refreshing – honest, direct communication that builds a close and trusting working relationship. We reckon this is the key to getting an outcome that really nails a brief. At Juicy, we work with you from where you’re at. If this is all new territory, we’ll take you by the hand, and lead you step-by-step, on a clear path through your complex project. Show you options and choices, and clearly explain why and how and how much. If you’re familiar with production processes, we won’t waste your time and resources with unnecessary talk, but we won’t make risky assumptions and take anything for granted either. We delve into the real reasons and objectives behind your project, and get to know your business from top to bottom. Then we set about creating awesome product that will blow you, your clients and audiences, away. Clear communication every time, every project, every client.

Direct and Honest

If we think your idea will work, we’ll tell you so, and we’ll make it shine. If we think it’s rubbish, we’ll tell you... nicely. And then we’ll tell you what will work, why, how we’ll do it, and exactly what it will cost. Then we’ll make it sparkle.

Real ingredients

At Juicy, we don’t try to pull the wool by using fancy technical terminology. We want you to know exactly what goes into every shot and every decision. We’ll call a spade a spade, but we’ll also call a gaffer an electrician who’s an expert with lights. We’ll tell you why we need a dolly and a baby and a bazooka, what they are and what they do.

Cut to the core

Juicy cuts straight to the core of the purpose behind your project. We’ll ask you why, and then why, and then why again. We’ll rip the guts out of your brief and will not stop until we understand the real reason for your project. How does it fit with your business goals? What are the real underlying problems you’re trying to fix? How will it help you meet your targets? Our result will match your true strategy line by line. Every single element is there for a reason, and that reason is tied directly to your goals. Oh, and we don’t charge for this time. We don’t bill it as “discovery” or “strategy” or “business analysis” or “relationship management”. We just call it smart business.

Clear and Transparent Costs

At Juicy, we have no hidden additives and our costs are completely transparent. We’ll explain exactly what each element costs and why, and you’ll see exactly how we keep our costs so low.

No Spillages

We know your budget is tight, so we won’t let it spill over, unless you want it to. So there are no nasty surprises in the final invoice. If we can see a possible cost saving, we’ll tell you directly, and we’ll explain the impact.

We’ve even been known to tell a client that video isn’t the best way to achieve their goals. Did we lose an opportunity? Sure. Did we gain the trust of our client? Absolutely.

Handpicked people

Our quality starts with our people. We work with the best in the industry, but we don’t employ any of them. Our Executive Producer Caro Ryan handpicks every team member specifically for each project and each client, and she is very, very picky. This ensures that we have the perfect person for your job, every time.

About Caro

The driving force behind Juicy Projects is Owner/Executive Producer, Caro Ryan. Caro has built a strong reputation grounded in her personal principles of trust, honesty and integrity - and her unerring ability to, as her clients say, “nail it every time”.

Caro began working in television in late 1999. She progressed quickly, building a respected reputation as a Producer, and in 2004 developed a successful freelance career where she worked with both agencies and production companies as Producer, Line Producer and Production Manager.

Founded in 2006, Juicy builds on over a decade of Caro’s experience in TV and video production, corporate videos and TVC production for clients including Qantas, Coca Cola, Commonwealth Bank, P&O Cruises and the RTA.

Caro thrives on managing high profile, sensitive and logistically complex video production projects. She has worked extensively in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. She has also shot projects in the Caribbean, USA/Canada, South America, Africa, Israel and Europe.

In her spare time, Caro is an avid hiker, adventurer and volunteer.

So, if you’re looking for her, you’re likely to find her up in a helicopter above the Pacific, or leading a team down in a canyon in a bush search-and-rescue operation. Yet somehow she manages to return your call or Tweet in no time at all.