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P&O Cruises - Cruise Experiences

P&O wanted to find a way to really show their potential customers the huge variety of experiences and adventures you can have on a cruise. So, we took our intrepid crew up the remote Riri River in Vanuatu, flying from tree to tree above the forest in Noumea and filmed the real adventures had by real Aussies during their shore excursions.

RTA Slow Down video

This impactful 2008 video about a horrific double fatality in the Hunter Valley packs such an emotional punch that it is still used by the RMS on its website and roadshows to communicate the vital message to motorists: slow down.

P&O Cruises – Proud

P&O needed a fresh and culturally unifying solution to their Customer Service Training program. The challenge was to create a single program that spoke to diverse audiences, from ship Captains all the way to the people working in the laundry and garbage rooms.

Over several months, Juicy worked collaboratively and closely with P&O to develop a multifaceted program and campaign that included the video, theme song, “Proud” brand and other staff Marcomms materials.

In 2011, Juicy Projects was awarded Silver at the World Media Festival in Germany for this video project.

RTA – GRAD Program

The RTA (now RMS), wanted to establish themselves as an employer of choice for top graduates, and show the RTA as a modern, progressive place to work. These videos are available on the RMS website.

P&O Cruises Australia - SplashTV

P&O Cruises asked Juicy Projects to develop and produce their on-board morning TV show. Juicy created a video solution that was modular enough that their on-board crew could put it together on a daily basis, yet also engaging and entertaining. It’s currently broadcast to a daily audience of 8,000 passengers.

P&O Cruises Australia Passenger Safety Video

When creating P&O’s new Passenger Safety Videos, Juicy wanted to find a way to grab and hold passengers’ attention, and make sure passengers remembered the key messages. We recruited a likeable and warm presenter, ex-footballer Paul Harragon, and crafted clear and succinct messages reinforced with visual images and subtitles.