The Brief

ABC-TV’s Wakefield, is set in a fictitious Blue Mountains psychiatric hospital. The 8-part drama follows the journeys of patients, families and staff, along the fragile line between sanity and insanity faced by all of us, told with compassion, heart and humour.

Written by acclaimed screenwriter and story-teller Kristen Dunphy, and drawing from her own experiences, the setting along the dramatic sandstone cliff-lines of the Blue Mountains establishes the landscape as one of the key characters in this Australian gothic tale.

The producers needed aerials that allowed VFX to place Wakefield Hospital in a very specific landscape, that told several of its own stories.

Juicy’s Caro Ryan, based in the Blue Mountains, drew on her extensive knowledge of the geography and landforms, from over 20 years of outdoors adventuring, along with close relationships within the local community, to secure a variety of locations for the team at Jungle Entertainment.

The Client

Jungle Entertainment


Location Scout (2nd unit drone)
Location Manager (2nd unit drone)
Letterboxing, community engagement
Location surveys & reports (inc. video, stills)