Rescued Podcast

The Brief

Rescued: An Outdoor Podcast for Hikers & Adventurers, are conversations with rescuers and those who’ve been rescued. It’s about the lessons we learn about ourselves, the places we go and why – without judgement or shame – to help us have better adventures, manage risk and deal with the unexpected.

Perhaps it’s something deep in our psyche that wants to assure us that it couldn’t happen to us. But, the reality is, we are all ‘us‘, and things happen to us every day; some are accidents, some are outcomes of conscious or unconscious decisions, a combination of both, or the dreaded Swiss Cheese Effect.

At Juicy, we believe there is power and strength in stories. They’re the glue that holds society and culture together; they’re how we learn and how we grow. They can challenge us, make us laugh, bring us to tears and remind us of our unique voice and journey.

Listen to the trailer here.

Rescued is regularly the #1 outdoor/wilderness podcast in Australia and is proudly sponsored by Paddy Pallin.

The Client

Juicy & LotsaFreshAir


Podcast including
Research, scriptwriting,
interviewing, post-production