The challenge of communicating the dangers of speeding to young drivers is a shared community responsibility. The RTA and the NSW Centre for Road Safety run educational campaigns in schools to help get this vital message across.

To confront the disconnect between being told something and witnessing reality, Juicy Projects proposed taking three young drivers to the Crash Test Laboratory to witness first-hand the difference between a car crashing at 60 km/hr and one at 100 km/hr. It led to sobering realisation for the P plate drivers.

The video included emotional interviews with a mother who had lost her two sons in a speeding crash, as well as their mate, an ambulance paramedic and a scientist: just some of the lives touched by the ripple effect caused by crashes on our roads.

The video was played in school assemblies across NSW for many years, and also featured in public roadshows to communities around the state.


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