Climbing QTs x Climbing School

The Brief

The Blue Mountains Climbing School worked with Juicy Projects to tell the story of their collaboration with LGBTIQ+ climbing community, The Climbing QTs.

Funded by the NSW Office of Sport, the Blue Mountains Climbing School developed a series of training courses that invited QTs members to develop their rock climbing skills in a staged and inclusive way. Participants developed their techniques and confidence from their first day outdoor rock climbing, all the way to a multi-day expedition in the Warrumbungles National Park.

Juicy Project followed their progress and captured the value of providing this type of opportunity within a supportive and inclusive environment.

From the very beginning of the partnership, Juicy Projects worked alongside the Climbing QTs and Blue Mountains Climbing School to develop and execute a marketing strategy designed to inform and attract new members to join the Climbing QTs and promote the training courses.

The Client

Blue Mountains Climbing School


Documentary video
Vertical access filming & stills
Marketing strategy & delivery across print, venues and social