Macpac Summer

The Brief

Outdoor manufacturer and retailer Macpac, were wanting to launch their Summer 2020-2021 campaign in a way that placed it firmly within the Australian landscape.

Utilising Caro’s extensive experience working in wilderness locations, Macpac engaged her as both location production manager and talent for the campaign, operating independently for the shoot as border closures at the time prevented the NZ client being involved.

Shooting with a small team (4 talent, 1 photographer, 1 videographer), the crew spent 2 days in the volcanic landscapes of the Warrumbungles National Park, wild camping on the escarpment to capture magic hour and sunrise, carrying everything they needed on their backs for the shoot. This included the full product range, food and camping equipment, as well as gathering and treating water.

Imagery has been used across advertising, EDM, partnerships, social and in-store.

The Client



Location scouting and approvals (including drone)
production management
scheduling and logistics
Live social media (Insta Stories)