P&O History


The name P&O is synonymous with cruising in Australia and the UK. They were the first company to offer leisure cruising (ie. going to sea for a holiday) in Australia, following on from their origins as a mail and shipping service throughout the British Empire.

This 27-minute documentary charts the story of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company and how it grew from beginnings in 1837 to become the oldest cruise line of any in the world.

The documentary played for many years on board P&O Australia ships and features interviews with past employees, maritime historians and a number of people whose lives were changed forever by taking a P&O Cruise to or from Australia.

Exhaustive research and image sourcing tells the story of how one journey can change a life.


P&O Cruises


Full production including research, scriptwriting, image research and licensing, interview shoots and post-production.