Uluru Trek


In 2016, organisers of the successful Burke & Wills Trek realised their further dream, of creating an epic event that allowed people to trek from the South Australian border to Uluru – a distance of 100 km, over 5 days – The Big Uluru Trek.

Planning, permits and stakeholder engagement took three years, with negotiations and agreements from many different Aboriginal Land Councils and Parks Australia.

Each evening featured a presentation from different Traditional Owners, to share culture, song and story to the walkers around a campfire and a blanket of Red Centre stars.

As this was the first time the event had been run and resources were limited, Juicy Projects worked with the organisers to shoot social media promo videos during one of their stakeholder visits, with a crew of 1. Caro Ryan shot to 3 briefs over 2 days: a promo video; a LotsaFreshAir teaser video and promotional stills.


Full production.
Crew of 1.
LotsaFreshAir brand collaboration teaser.
Stills photography.


Big Run Events for the Big Uluru Trek