Disney Imagineering were planning their new virtual reality ride for Disney theme parks, which would place an audience in an immersive ride environment and allow them to fly through, in and over iconic locations around the world.

With Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Islands chosen as two of the 13 destinations to be included, Disney selected Juicy Projects to head up these logistically complex locations.

The Sydney Harbour shot included 12 months planning with over 30 stakeholders to allow the busy harbour to be closed in a tightly controlled operation. This involved over 30 different organisations including government, military, ports, Police and CASA.

The Lau Island Group of Fiji brought other logistical challenges, related to its remote and deserted island location. Situated an hour by local boat from the nearest village, with no airports or refuelling facilities, this shoot had many intricacies. Juicy negotiated tribal permissions and tropical weather, along with shifting tonnes of technical equipment where freight was non-existent, succeeding through innovation and a can-do approach.


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