The Brief When most people think of Tahiti, they envision over-water bungalows and cocktails with umbrellas. Curious about the wild side of French Polynesia, an archipelago rich in jungles, volcanoes and rugged mountains, I wanted to draw readers away from the beachside and dreamy retreats, and up into a Tahiti they never knew existed. The … Read more


World Expeditions One of the challenges in marketing an adventure-based business is finding film crews and photographers who are able to live and work within the often harsh environments. It’s not unusual for crews to have to trek for days, with heavy packs carrying not only their personal hiking gear, but their equipment as well. … Read more

Hume & Hovell Track

The Brief Sometimes a little collaboration is all you need to help a project see the light of day. This article (and associated video and still imagery) was commissioned by Great Walks Magazine on behalf of Snowy Valleys Tourism and Destination NSW. The three-day hike from Talbingo to Tumbarumba passed through some of the best … Read more

Women in the outdoors

The Brief The rise of Instagram, alongside an increased interest in nature-based tourism, has seen many new themes developing in popular culture. One of these is the image of the solo woman traveller, surrounded by wild nature, gazing out across the scene. When Caro investigated this phenomenon she discovered some interesting science behind the rise … Read more

Australian History

The Brief Everything we know as modern bushwalkers or hikers in Australia today finds its origins deep within our culture, history and society. Caro was asked to research and write a two-part feature for Great Walks Magazine, including extensive image research and permissions, to explain how bushwalking came to be what it is today. The … Read more

Jetstar Inflight

The Brief It’s too easy for popular tourist destinations to become a cliché. Overused images and ‘classic experiences’, can mean that a place becomes defined by stereotype, rather than reality. ‘7 Myths About’ is a regular feature in Jetstar’s Inflight magazine, shedding light on well-visited sites we all ‘think’ we know. In April 2019, Caro … Read more

Walk High Country

The Brief Victoria’s Tourism North East created the Walk High Country brand to communicate with visitors who are passionate about hiking and walking in the great outdoors. With a desire to speak to LotsaFreshAir’s audience of 60K bushwalkers, hikers and nature lovers, they collaborated on a campaign that saw content created and shared across both … Read more

Walls of Jerusalem

The Brief The Walls of Jerusalem Circuit in Tasmania is the Overland Track’s quieter, but equally spectacular, next-door-neighbour. Caro travelled with Tasmanian Expeditions to tell the story of this six day walk in words, pictures and video. Her image of the guide crossing the plains to Lake Ball was her first magazine cover image. Client … Read more

Canada’s Great Trail

The Brief Canada’s Great Trail, the longest trail in the world, connects the west and east coasts of Canada with hiking, cycling and paddling routes. Caro travelled to Manitoba and Prince Edward Island to walk and cycle sections of the trail for this story and accompanying videos, announcing the opening of Canada’s 24,000km ‘Great Trail’. … Read more

Australian Traveller

The Brief Australian Traveller approached Juicy to deliver an inspiring, informative article showcasing the best hikes in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Juicy delivered an up-to-date selection of walks from several villages across the Blue Mountains, with grading and duration to suit a variety of walkers. The article can be found online here. Client Australian Traveller … Read more