The Brief P&O Cruises is committed to the safety of their crew and guests. To help communicate clear safety messages for their crew, P&O engaged Juicy Projects to create an animation pointing out some of the most common work, health and safety issues their crew may experience in the course of their work, along with … Read more


Brief The challenge of communicating the dangers of speeding to young drivers is a shared community responsibility. The RTA and the NSW Centre for Road Safety run educational campaigns in schools to help get this vital message across. To confront the disconnect between being told something and witnessing reality, Juicy Projects proposed taking three young … Read more


Over 15 years experience Long before drone technology changed the aerial landscape, Juicy was carving out a niche in high-end aerial photography and video through a solid reputation working with the best pilots, technology, helicopters and safety teams around. Many clients are surprised to discover the limitations of drones. There are countless circumstances where they … Read more


Brief When the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum met in Port Moresby in 2018, ships from the P&O Cruises fleet hosted attendees from around the world as part of a floating hotel village. P&O Cruises wanted to communicate the beauty and diversity of Papua New Guinea to delegates and staff during their time on board, … Read more


Canyon Care & Safety The care of our precious wild places is the responsibility of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. One of the most stunning environments they manage is the extensive canyon network across the Blue Mountains, and elsewhere in the state. NPWS engaged Juicy Projects and LotsaFreshAir to produce an educational piece … Read more


World Expeditions One of the challenges in marketing an adventure-based business is finding film crews and photographers who are able to live and work within the often harsh environments. It’s not unusual for crews to have to trek for days, with heavy packs carrying not only their personal hiking gear, but their equipment as well. … Read more


Brief Save the Children is Australia’s largest aid and development agency dedicated to helping children. They work in over 116 countries, including many across the South Pacific. When P&O Cruises looked to partner with a reputable local partner in Vanuatu, they turned to Save the Children to lead their programs. To launch the program to … Read more

Staff Training

The Brief When it comes to training staff who are spread across a wide geographical area, video is an obvious choice. P&O turned to Juicy Projects to create a series of video training modules designed to walk their diverse work-force through the various aspects of their Performance Management process. Filming behind-the-scenes on a cruise ship, … Read more


Brief When disaster strikes creating an emergency situation, clearly defined roles of command and control are essential to dealing with the challenges and saving lives. In the NSW rail system, the ‘Rail Commander’ is the most senior person on-site at an emergency, co-ordinating all aspects of the incident from an agency perspective. This includes key … Read more


The Brief Outdoor brand retailer Macpac has been working with Caro and her LotsaFreshAir brand since 2014. Caro has represented the brand as an ambassador, equipment tester, model and content creator. In 2019 Caro developed a series of How-To Videos, designed to remove the barriers that their customers may have in spending time connected to … Read more