The Brief Outdoor brand retailer, Macpac have been working with Caro and her LotsaFreshAir brand since 2014. Since that time she has represented the brand as an ambassador, equipment tester, model and content creator. The Client Macpac


The Client Words and pictures for Outdoor Magazine Australia.


Canyon Care & Safety The care of our precious wild places is the responsibility of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. One of the most stunning environments that they manage is the extensive canyon network across the Blue Mountains and elsewhere in the state. NPWS engaged Juicy Projects and LotsaFreshAir to produce an educational … Read more


World Expeditions One of the challenges in marketing an adventure-based business is finding film crews and photographers who are able to live and work within the often harsh environments. It’s not unusual for crews to have to trek for days, with heavy packs carrying not only their personal hiking gear, but their equipment as well. … Read more

Uluru Trek

Brief In 2016, organisers of the successful Burke & Wills Trek realised their further dream, of creating an epic event that allowed people to trek from the South Australian border to Uluru – a distance of 100 km, over 5 days – The Big Uluru Trek. Planning, permits and stakeholder engagement took three years, with … Read more