Brief Disney Imagineering were planning their new virtual reality ride for Disney theme parks, which would place an audience in an immersive ride environment and allow them to fly through, in and over iconic locations around the world. With Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Islands chosen as two of the 13 destinations to be included, … Read more


Brief Animation and explainer videos have become a popular way of communicating information in a visual way. Juicy Projects were asked by P&O Cruises to create a visually engaging, straight forward messaging for guests about their Responsible Service of Alcohol policy. Juicy’s animation team set to work creating ‘Frankie’, the hipster mixologist, to guide us … Read more

Splash TV

The Brief SplashTV is P&O Cruises onboard television show. It broadcasts across all ships in the fleet and features a collection of pre-made and live-ish content designed to entertain, inform and drive onboard revenue. The foundation of SplashTV is pre-made segment packages that help a guest get the most out of their cruise holiday. Port … Read more

Uluru Trek

Brief In 2016, organisers of the successful Burke & Wills Trek realised their further dream, of creating an epic event that allowed people to trek from the South Australian border to Uluru – a distance of 100 km, over 5 days – The Big Uluru Trek. Planning, permits and stakeholder engagement took three years, with … Read more


The Brief One of the key ways that communities can benefit from tourism, is through the selling of locally produced handicrafts. These benefits are not just economic, with a flow on to education and well-being, but culturally, by maintaining a strong market for traditional designs and methods. The work of artisans is handed down through … Read more

Stories from Dry Dock

The Brief In 2009, Juicy Projects pioneered behind-the-scenes story-telling of how massive cruise ships undergo a complete transformation in the space of just weeks. These days, sharing content on social media from dry docks is a popular way for cruise ship companies to build awareness, grow engagement and tell their product story to their guests. … Read more